2019 Mercedes A-Class; Damn Good Interior!

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 - Mercedes

Unveiled the interiors of the new generation of the German sedan, Called 2019 Mercedes A-Class. They grow habitability, load capacity, and perceived quality, while the plank is dominated by two displays.

2019 Mercedes A-Class Release Date

The definitive design is still top secret. On the other hand, the New Mercedes A-ClassInterior was unveiled. The new generation of the Mercedes-Benz Class A, waiting in the dealerships in spring 2018, changes deeply in the cockpit, growing in habitability and, above all, relying on a layout of the hi-tech plank, derived from the “older sisters” class E and S. Another world.

7 or 10.25-inch screens

The cockpit of the new class A Volta page, making a tabula rasa of the past. The perceived quality grows and, since the basic versions, there are two displays flanked to dominate the bridge. Screens that perform the functions of digital instrumentation and interface for the management of infotainment and car options respectively. Monitor, specifically, 7-inch for less expensive and 10.25-inch fittings for richer variants. A revolutionary configuration for both the model and the category, but that on the practical side constitutes a transposition, in small, of the setting already in use for the largest class E and S. In these cases, however, the high-end cars benefit from a glass eyelid that overhangs the displays, bringing a sense of continuity to the dowry. An unexpected solution on board of Class A.

As for the multimedia system, the multifunctional wheel along the tunnel gives way to a tactile surface, similar to the touchpad of a computer. Touch controls also replicated along the spokes of the steering wheel, drawing even in this case to the “elder sister” class E. A trend similar to the choice of 64 chromatic options for indoor lighting.

2019 Mercedes A-Class Trunk Capacity; 370 liters

Unlike in the cockpit, the aesthetic and mechanical changes are not expected. The technical basis of Class A will, therefore, be an evolution of the current technologies and will be the source to which the CLA, GLA and the Future class B, both front and full, are to be established. Larger than a handful of cm compared to the old model, the new medium sedan in Stuttgart promises to bring in dowry a habitability superior to the past, accomplice the renewed shaping of the front seats. A seemingly marginal evolution, since it should give a freedom of movement unknown to the legs of the rear passengers. The overall growth of the car will eventually result in an expansion of the load capacity from 341 to 370 liters with five people on board. There’s nothing to say, the Mercedes put so much meat on fire!

New Generations Mercedes-Benz A-Class Infotaiment Improvement

2019 Mercedes A-Class; Damn Good Interior! Pictures

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