Incredible Thing About New Bugatti Chiron – Like a Superhero Car

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 - Bugatti

Here are the Incredible Things On New Bugatti Chiron, Just Like a Car in Superhero Movies. The Italian car uses an advanced system of connection and communication with the parent company.

The Bugatti, the French house that gave life to engineering “monsters” such as the Veyron and Chiron, would have recently divulged more information about the advanced telemetry system installed aboard the new Chiron. Characterized by a low weight and a small footprint, this new system is the natural evolution of the previous system adopted on the Bugatti Veyron and would be able to record a perfect report on all performance of the car and configurations Adopted but also to update (Over the Air) the systems on board and to act as both burglary and remote assistant.

Advanced Diagnosis

The car of Molsheim uses, in fact, a system similar to telemetry used in Formula 1, characterized by 30 control units that are able to manage 10,000 different data and send an alarm directly to the technicians of the House to request support In case of malfunction, to identify the exact component to be replaced or to identify a possible fault in advance. Thanks to this system the normal testing procedures of the cars, which normally happen around the world, were carried out with greater speed because the same car sent of continuous important data to the House that could in this way Keep track of all vital parameters, possible problems and settings adopted.

Thieves do not fear you

This advanced system of diagnostics also integrates a very useful tracking system that will automatically locate your car in case of theft, sending the data directly to the parent company. Of course, the safety factor is not lacking, in fact, all data are sent to the house through an encrypted transmission according to the safety standards of the Volkswagen Group, limiting access to the data only to the specialized Bugatti technicians dedicated to this Service.

Bugatti Chiron With Personal Doctors

A system of “customer care” that, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, updates the seat of Molsheim in real time on the conditions of the car, so you can intervene promptly, no matter in which position of the globe. A useful function that, in order to respect the privacy of the customers, must be activated, after the accession of the customers themselves, and that will even involve the intervention of three technicians ready to board a plane and reach the exemplar that needs care in every Time.

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