2019 Toyota GT86; Racing Soul Start From $37K

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 - Toyota

The Japanese coupe is proposed in the new Racing Edition, that is 2019 Toyota GT86, strong of Sachs suspensions, Brembo brakes, and dedicated aesthetics. Promotional price of 31,200 euros.

2019 Toyota GT86 Rock & Road version at 28,000 euro

Rear wheel drive, effective chassis, and excellent driveability. With, in addition, an aspiring propeller that, if on the one hand leaves no breath for performance, on the other is an excellent “school ship” for those who approach the sport guide. The New Toyota GT86, a twin of the Subaru BRZ, is one of the most accessible sports on the market. Now, on the occasion of the New York exhibition, it is renewed thanks to a slight restyling and the debut of the special version Racing Edition.

The unprecedented Racing Edition, an absolute first proposal at the promotional MSRP of 31,200 euros, brings in dowry the Sachs suspensions and the Brembo braking system, while the aesthetic profile stands out the 17-inch black alloy rims. Look Total Dark also for the caps of the side mirrors and for the rear spoiler. In addition, the exclusive Thunder Grey tint is available, while the cockpit is characterized by the Alcantara cladding of the instrument panel, the dashboard, the interior panels of the doors and the heated seats.

6-speed manual gearbox

More “classic” The Rock & Road version of the rear spoiler in the color of the bodywork, the interior with silver trim extended to the plank and the doors as well as the seats in black fabric. In this case, the price, always promotional, stands at 28,000 euros. There are no shortage of Leather and Sport customization packages, proposed at 1,500 and 2,000 euros respectively. As for the mechanics, nothing changes compared to the past, since the leather pulsates the usual cylinder 16v boxer – i.e. with opposed cylinders – of 1,998 cc gasoline powered, capable of emitting GT86 TRD 205 horsepower and 224 Nm of torque. Dulcis in Fundo, springs and shock absorbers benefit from a hard calibration, even less prone to roll and pitch than the previous model, while the manual 6-speed gearbox can count on close relationships. Years pass, but the GT86 has confirmed a coupe with great charm.

2019 Toyota GT86 New Design and Changes

2019 Toyota GT86; Racing Soul Start From $37K Pictures

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