Honda Sports EV Concept; Japanese Retro Zero-emission Coupe

Sunday, November 12th, 2017 - Honda

The Japanese show car, a two-seater electric coupe with a retro look, shares the platform and artificial intelligence with the “sister” Honda Sports EV Concept. It is compatible with the V2G strategy.

Vintage appearance, Modern Technology

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda unveiled the EV Concept prototype, destined to anticipate a standard car waiting on the market in 2019, the bridgehead of the electrification of the Japanese range. A concept that uses a completely new platform and anticipates a modular scheme on the basis of which the Japanese House will design future models with reduced environmental impact. Now, on the occasion of the Tokyo Auto Show, the manufacturer of the Rising Sun has further developed the theme, presenting the Sports EV Concept, battery spin-off of the original car with the look of a couple of the ‘ 70, reinterpreted in a modern key.

The EV Concept led to the debut of the automated Network Assistant, namely artificial intelligence – conceptually similar to the PIA technology of Audi – integrated into the onboard infotainment and able to dialogue with the driver by understanding habits, Desires, and needs, in order to offer services and information in real time. The Sports EV concept absolutely This concept, since the car is born with the precise intent of maximizing the connection between car and driver, combining the driving pleasure typical of the “old school” models with zero emission traction.

Similarly to the Honda Sports EV concept, the Sports variant is also shrouded in the mystery regarding the technical features – not unveiled by Honda – except for the sharing of the platform and technologies with the less sporty “sister”. The Japanese two-seater coupe adopts Led lights and a seamless crystal roof with respect to the rear window. Original features, but never as much as the Honda Power Manager Concept, namely the “recipe” of the Japanese brand to make the entire cycle of electric cars sustainable. A system for the management and accumulation of energy produced by renewable sources, as well as for the breakdown of the charge between cars and dwellings according to the needs of the moment.

Honda Sports EV Concept Test Drive

Honda Sports EV Concept; Japanese Retro Zero-emission Coupe Pictures

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