Chevy eCopo Camaro Electric: Specs, Concept & Release Date

Sunday, November 11th, 2018 - Chevrolet

Chevrolet showed at the SEMA Show 2018 in Las Vegas two hot Drag Racer: In addition to the 2020 Copo Camaro with V8 gasoline engine debuted the Chevy eCopo Camaro Electric with 710 hp and a maximum of 813 Newton-meters strong electric drive.

The start lamp jumps to green, two cars go off, and after 402.34 meters or about ten seconds, everything is over again. Drag Racing is and will be in the USA. So fashionable that many US manufacturers offer specially optimized cars for this type of motorsport. Chevrolet, for example, first had the 1969 Copo Camaro in the program. The was fueled by the seven-liter ZL1-V8, which did not exist at the time in the Camaro. And to a real legend, also because only 69 copies were made. Now, Chevrolet has unveiled the latest version of the Copo Camaro – not only with a V8 petrol engine but also with electric drive.

Chevy eCopo Camaro Electric With 800-volt batteries

The twin-engine powertrain of the Chevy eCopo Camaro Electric, which consists of components from the supplier BorgWarner, makes 710 hp. Together with the maximum torque of 813 Newton meters, this should lead to quarter mile times of about nine seconds. A racing gear directs the power towards the rear wheels. So that it arrives on the asphalt as loss-free as possible, the four-module battery pack is housed in the rear and in the boot. The almost 300 kilograms battery has a voltage of 800 volts. This is about twice as much as the Bolt EV (the US counterpart to the Opel Ampera-e) and should allow very short loading times. The race breaks, in which can be reloaded, are finally relatively short.

The Chevy Camaro Electric made its debut at the SEMA in Las Vegas, along with its gasoline-powered brother. Its performance values still keeps Chevrolet secret, but there is a considerable choice on the engine side. The General Motors Company offers 4.9 and 7.0 liter naturally aspirated engines as well as a 5.7-liter supercharged V8. As of the historical model, there will be only 69 copies of the 2019 Copo Camaro. Chevrolet will accept reservations until the end of November, and interested parties must register on a waiting list. Then it says: wait and hope that you yourself are among the chosen ones.

By contrast, until the Chevrolet Camaro eCopo populates the drag strips between Seattle and Miami, it may take a while. The test phase is currently underway together with development partner Hancock and Lane, a very successful racing team in the US drag racing scene. Once this is completed, the project could be quite big. Since the e-motors and all other drive components are located there, where the parts also find their place in the V8 Copo, Chevrolet can imagine charging its crate engine program in the future electrically. This would allow private drag racing teams to order the technology from the manufacturer and install it in the local garage.

2020 Chevy Camaro Electric Price & Availability

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