Best small luxury SUV 2018 ; Compact SUV, Small but Beautiful

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 - SUVs

Best small luxury SUV 2018 title is not yet announced and there will be a lot more competitors for this title because more and more car manufacturers are thinking that this part of automobile market is very interesting and profitable. As we all know, nowadays, more and more people start to consider SUV as their weapon of choice although they ride their car mostly on the freeway. In the past SUVs were designed to meet the needs of war. Rugged and unforgiving terrain are the reasons why the old time car designers created SUVs, but as the time goes by, many people consider SUV as more than a car to go off road. Nowadays, people choose SUVs because of their lifestyle. Not only because of its manly looking so that I will make the owner proud, nowadays, the price of SUV, especially the luxurious one is far more expensive than any other ordinary cars and it shows the status of the owner.

Currently, there are a lot of small or compact luxury SUV selections that you can choose from. Many car manufacturers that used to build luxury or fast sports or saloon car such as Porsche, Bentley, and BMW broaden their line of product by creating SUVs that are just as luxurious as their saloon cars products.

Let’s take Porsche for example. I bet that most people, especially the car enthusiasts, must know about this brand. Many people will always the iconic product of this Porsche manufacturer such as the 911 series, which are considered one of the fastest cars on its era. To compete in the best small luxury SUV 2018, this car maker relies on it latest SUV product, which is the Porsche Macan. Porsche Macan may be considered as an SUV, but, just as any other Porsche products, it has a sports DNA. It is an SUV, but it is also very fast.

Porsche Macan Interior

2018 Volvo XC60 Redesign and Changes - Best small luxury SUV 2018

Another car brand that also wants to try their luck in SUV market is Volvo. Yes, this Swedish car manufacturer also a new player in SUV market. One of its best SUV, and maybe will win the title of best small luxury SUV 2018 is the Volvo XC60. As we all know Volvo is one of the best car manufacturers and are well known to produce high-class luxury and exclusive saloon or sedan cars. Many of its products are used by high-level politicians and other high profile persons. This shows that Volvo has the ability to build quality cars. Its XC60 is also shared the same characteristic. It is said that this particular model of Volvo is great to ride, has complete safety equipment and has a bigger space compared to any other small or compact SUV class.

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