Best Full-Size SUVs 2020 in USA: Suburban, Expeditions, Escalade & More

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we are looking for the best SUV With 7 Passengers in the United States. what are the candidates?

Driving a car is also a matter of dimensions. And they are a little bigger in the US. This is especially evident in the SUV segment. If you capitulate in front of many multi-story car parks in this country – say five meters long, two meters wide and 1.90 meters high – the fun begins in America. If you dig into the offer of full-size SUVs, then you realize how big the selection in the US market is. An overview of the thick things that exist exclusively in the States.

One of the best known – and most typical – representatives of this car genre is the Chevrolet Tahoe 2019. The Chevy is 5.18 meters long and 1.89 meters high – and thus has enough space for either nine passengers or 2,682 liters of luggage. Very American is the engine offer. The base engine is a 5.3-liter V8 with 360 hp and a maximum of 519 Nm, about it ranks a 426 hp and at most 624 Nm strong 6.2-liter V8. All this sounds like a lot of car for not even that much money. The base price is 47,900 dollars, the equivalent of 47.857 USD.

But Chevrolet can make it bigger, much bigger. Finally, the Suburban is in the program, the favorite car of – at least if you can believe Hollywood – FBI agents and US intelligence. The Suburban grabs the Tahoe, whose technical base he uses, smooth again half a meter rear overhang and it grows to 5.70 meters. Above all, the luggage volume benefits from this. Even if the three rows of seats are upright and there are nine people on board, it is still possible to take along loads of 1,113 liters. With only two seats 3,774 liters are available. Base price: 50,600 US dollars.

The same group, the same platform, but another name: The 2020 GMC Yukon is another Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban offshoot. No wonder the data is the same. On the one hand in the dimensions: The normal Yukon is 5.18 meters long, the XL variant measures 5.70 meters. The two V8 engines are used in the same configurations as the almost identical Chevys. But he pulls something more away than the group brothers: The maximum trailer load is 3.9 tons, Tahoe and Suburban come to a maximum of 3.8 tons. From $ 49,100 you are there.

Best Full-Size SUVs 2020 in USA - New Escalade

The dream of all US rappers and professional athletes is the Escalade. He also builds on the Tahoe / Suburban / Yukon platform, he is also 5.18 meters and 5.70 meters (ESV) long, but he is located much higher. You can tell by the engine offer: The 5.3-liter V8 is omitted; Who wants to drive Escalade, must take him with 6.2-liter engine. He also outperforms the in-house competition in terms of price, and clearly: At least 75,195 dollars are due. For the top model ESV Platinum 4WD Cadillac demands 101,590 dollars.

Ford’s counterpart to the GM Gang of Four is the expedition. He is in its basic version 5.33 meters long and 1.95 meters high, as Expedition Max, he even measures 5.64 meters. In the interior, he does not quite come close to the competition, there are at most eight seats and a maximum of 2,962 liters of luggage space. For this he can pull up to 4.2 tons heavy trailer. Engine side, the expedition is exemplary of Ford’s gradual departure from the V8: As a source of power is a 3.5-liter V6, which is technically inferior to the much larger competing engines in terms of data: 405 hp makes the engine, the maximum of 651 Newton meters only for a surcharge distributed to all four wheels. The prices start at 52,130 USD.

And because that works so well with the big SUVs in the US, Ford has a second one in the program. The New Ford Flex presents a formal mixture of SUV and Van and has been built almost unchanged since 2008. He builds on a front-wheel-drive platform, which is combined at the $30,575 expensive base model with a 291-hp 3.5-liter V6. Alternatively, there is the engine in a turbo variant; He then makes 370 hp and brings it to a maximum of 474 Newton meters.

What GM Cadillac is for Ford Lincoln. The premium brand of the group topped their SUV offer with the Lincoln Navigator 2019, the counterpart of the same length expedition. But his engine is a bit stronger, the 3.5-liter V6 twin turbo makes 450 hp and delivers a maximum torque of 691 Nm. If the Navigator seated eight times, remain 971 liters of boot volume left; 3,404 liters can be invited behind the front seats. 73,205 dollars costs the thick Lincoln in its basic version.

Because that works so well with the 7 Seater SUV double at parent company Ford, Lincoln provides the navigator in the summer of 2019 the aviator aside. The is based on the platform of the new Ford Explorer, which will be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January, and gets a new engine. The three-liter V6 Twin turbo makes in the Basistrimm 400 hp and is electrified in the ranked Grand Touring version. As a plug-in hybrid, the aviator comes with 450 hp and a torque maximum of 814 Nm. The developers showed great attention to detail in composing the warning tones, which were recorded specially by a symphony orchestra. The prices are not fixed yet.

The Japanese mix vigorously in the American full-size SUV segment, and they abandon the country’s typical restraint. Example Nissan Armada 2019: In its larger L version it is 5.31 meters long, 2.03 meters wide and weighs just two and a half tons. It needs an adequate power source, and finds its way into the Armada Bug in the form of a 5.6-liter V8 with 395 hp and a maximum of 534 Newton meters. Accordingly abundant are the fuel consumption: According to the standard, the Nissan in the city swallows on average 16.8 and on the highway 12.4 liters. The base price is 47,100 dollars.

The principle of premium cloning practicing the Japanese similar to the Americans. Nissan’s equivalent to Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator is the Infiniti QX80. He takes over the platform and engine from the Armada, albeit the latter in a somewhat strengthened form. 406 hp makes the V8, the 5.6 liter displacement promote a maximum of 560 Newton meters. These are also necessary, after all, the top version of the QX80 weighs just 2.7 tons. No less impressive is the turning circle of 12.6 meters. A technical highlight is – just like the Armada – the rearview mirror, on which, if necessary, the image of a rear-filming camera can be projected. To hide rear passengers or stacked luggage, they should block the view to the rear. The basic price: 65,400 dollars.

What Infiniti can do, Lexus can do, with the LX 570. At 5.08 meters long and 1.98 meters wide, this model is almost a bit small. But that does not stop it from weighing a whopping 2,722 kilograms. A jolting amount of ruggedness can not hurt, after all, the LX is designed more than its opponents as off-roaders. All-wheel drive, in the competition usually only optionally available, is installed as standard on the Lexus, there is also a creeper. The necessary power provides a 5.7-liter V8 with 388 hp and a maximum of 546 Newton meters, which makes the LX 570 to the “Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle” (ULEV II) – exhaust gas logic à la USA. As a base price calls Lexus $85,830. Limited to 300 copies Inspiration Series costs 100,420 dollars.

With 48,700 dollars significantly cheaper is the Toyota sibling of the LX 570, the Sequoia. It is not only bigger than the Lexus (5.21 meters), but may also take more on the hook. The trailer load of 3,357 kg is a good 180 kg over that of the Lexus’. Respectful to Toyota interior designers, because they not only managed to accommodate a two-story glove box, but have distributed 18 drink holders in the Sequoia interior. Dynamic riders tackle the model variant TRD Sport with Bilstein dampers, stiffer front and stabilizers.

So, no Koreans in the list? This is still true, but that will change in the summer of 2019. Then comes the Palisade Hyundai’s new big SUV, for which even a new front-wheel-drive platform was developed. In terms of size, the 4.98 meters long and 1.98 meter wide palisade can not quite keep up with the competition from Japan and the USA. Nevertheless, there is room for up to eight people. As in almost all full-size SUVs, the second row can be equipped with so-called Captain’s Chairs; So two comfortable single seats with armrests, which in this case can even be ventilated.

Technically interesting is the sensor-based monitoring of the rear seats, which sounds the alarm before children or pets are forgotten when getting out. As an engine, Hyundai sees a 3.8-liter, working after Atkinson cycle and 295 hp and a maximum of 355 Nm strong V6 gasoline engine before. The sister model of the not yet priced Hyundai Palisade, by the way, is called Kia Telluride and will also be in 2019 on the market.

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