2020 VW T-Roc ABT; Promising 20% More Power

Sunday, May 6th, 2018 - Volkswagen

The German preparer has vitaminized Wolfsburg’s average SUV giving more power and more control. Comes with a 2.0L TSi engine and an ABT optimization of ABT Engine Control Technology (AEC), 2020 VW T-Roc ABT; promises a 20% performance boost.

Medium Size SUV from Germany is not much to get changes in the design, I think it does not matter because the original look of T-Roc is already very cool. whether the ABT version is able to compete with other SUV, given the competition in the market Medium SUV has been very tight. invasion of Japanese brands such as Toyota and Mazda, and there are also other European brands like Volvo that attract attention with its XC40.

Given the lack of a true GTI version that can make the new Volkswagen T-Roc more like the sister Golf GTI, the well-known German tuner ABT presented its magic potion able to bring out the muscles to the average SUV of Volkswagen.

The version in question is that thrust from the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder TSI (turbo petrol) that after the loving care of German technicians is now able to deliver well 228 hp and 360 Nm in places of the previous 190 hp and 320 Nm. A result made possible by the ABT engine Control (AEC) technology, an additional module capable of delivering 20% more power to the TSI engine and a greater amount of torque to an engine regimen much more similar to that of a diesel.

2020 VW T-Roc ABT Performance on Track

Numbers in the hand, the German medium SUV burns the 0-100 km/h in just 7.2 seconds and records a maximum speed of 216 km/h. The data refer, remember, to the 2.0 TSI variant with 4Motion integral traction and dual clutch DSG automatic transmission and 7 ratios. Finally, to keep at bay the increase in performance, the German preparer also focused on the trim giving the T-Roc a kit of sport suspensions, specially designed and lowered of well 40 mm, and a set of specific rims with diameter from 18 to 20 Inch.

2020 VW T-Roc ABT Redesign & Changes

2020 VW T-Roc ABT; Promising 20% More Power Pictures

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2020 VW T-Roc ABT; Promising 20% More Power | Ibra | 4.5

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