2019 Jaguar I-Pace Review; Premium Electric SUV

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The Geneva International Motor Show debuts the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace, English SUV Electric with 90 kWh batteries. The price starts from 79,790 euro. The Jaguar I-Pace crossover, the first electric crossover of the English brand, will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show (8-18 March) but to loosen the expectations a little the Jaguar House has thought well to divulge some important details.

Equipped with an electric powertrain with integral traction system, characterized by two synchronous motors with permanent magnets of 200 hp and 13,000 rpm each, one for engine axle, and the complete absence of a real gearbox, are in fact adopted two Planetary gearboxes with differential, the battery-operated SUV is able to deliver a maximum power per axle of 200 hp, a maximum torque of 696 Nm and to store the practice of 0-100 in just 4.8 seconds. To power these two electric motors we think of a lithium-ion battery pack (manufactured by LG) from 90 kWh of capacity that guarantees an autonomy of 480 km (WLTP) and adopts an innovative super-rapid charging technology.

Doing, in fact, depending on High power charging or HPC (ultrafast) balusters with a direct current of at least 100 KW, the Jaguar I-Pace will be able to regenerate up to 80% of the autonomy in just 40 minutes or an autonomy of 100 km in just 15 minutes. Instead, using the domestic wall box (7 KW) you will need about 10 hours to recover always 80% autonomy. Results that have been confirmed also during the last tests held in Arjeplog (Sweden) on a path of ice and snow with temperatures that reached-40 °c. Thanks, in fact, to the heat pump that heats the batteries or to the cooling system that cools them when it is hot, the Jaguar guarantees the optimum operation in all conditions.

2019 Jaguar I-Pace Electric Engine Specs

Under the skin, the new premium battery SUV integrates an unprecedented aluminum platform, equipped with a weight distribution to the 50:50 and a very high torsional stiffness, a front suspension with a double transverse swing arm scheme and a Rear suspension with Integral Link schema. This platform, halfway between the e-peace and the F-peace, also boasts a length of 4.68 meters, a step of 2.99 meters, a disposition of the lowered mechanics and a positioning of the batteries much lower so as to guarantee a considerable space on board, a good Capacity of the boot and a center of gravity lower than 130 mm compared to F-Pace.

Ala aluminum platform is flanked (in option) the pneumatic suspension with Adaptive Dynamics, which adapts the damping and the height from the ground, the light alloy wheels of 22 inches, a generous and performance braking system and an electric brake That transmits a constant feeling even in the regeneration phases. The same regenerative braking can be adjusted up to 0, 4g so as to eliminate almost all the aid of the brakes in the daily use.

2019 Jaguar i-Pace Release Date and Price

2019 Jaguar I-Pace Interior; Features and technology

In the cockpit, however, we will find a triumph of technology that culminates in the infotainment Touch Pro Duo. This innovative system, which has turned the whole design of the new dashboard, uses two touch screens in the central console, the interactive 12-inch display Driver instrumentation, the full-color head-up display, the rotary controls and The artificial intelligence that learns the driver’s habits. In the exterior, finally, the active vanes “active vanes” of the front grille will guarantee a Cx of 0.29 optimizing the aerodynamics and cooling of the zero-emission SUV.

2019 Jaguar I-Pace Price and Availability

Available in the S, SE and HSE fittings, the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace will attack the price list with a base price of 79,790 euro. To these three productions will be alongside the launch the limited series First Edition that with a base price of 104,390 euros brings a very respectable equipment!

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