2019 Ford Ranger Concept, USA Raptor, Diesel, Fuel Economy

Friday, July 28th, 2017 - Ford

2019 Ford Ranger Concept, USA Raptor, Diesel, Fuel Economy – Fors current Ranger is based on their T6 platform that has been invented in Australia specifically for it. So far we thought the US version of this truck, which will be released with the 2019 Ford Ranger, will use the same platform. It seems this is not the situation. Actually, Australia has tasked again with developing the newest generation Ranger along with the upcoming Bronco. The two are going to share the same chassis, running gear and engines. While not much information is available, Ford did say a few words about the upcoming Ranger and what it does feature.

2019 Ford Ranger Concept

For starters, the new model is going to get an independent front suspension whilst retaining the solid axle in the back. They also stated that thanks to the understanding Ford have thanks to growing the all aluminum F-150, the new Ranger will receive some of the lightweight characteristics of the larger truck. We are pretty sure that this implies the Ranger will receive a high strength steel chassis where a steel cabin is going to be utilized. However, some body panels such as the doors, fenders, hood and even the bed, might be made from aluminum. This will allow saving weight without having to spend all that much on developing new technologies. Its price is most likely going to hover around $22000 which is also where the main rivals are.

The current Ranger has a lot of influences from Fors International models. The 2019 Ford Ranger, on the other hand, will probably remove all that. Instead, we expect it to receive a more muscular design, more similar to what can be discovered on the larger truck. This is because the US market has different expectations and it is safe to assume that Ford will try their best to please it. The front end might get cues from the Explorer and new Expedition while the cabin will surely get some from the new F-150.

While the European model is excellent, the US version is going to need to please a completely different sector. For starters, expect it to offer more room than its International counterpart. This might be achieved by using a wider overall chassis that is not impossible. The truck should also profit from new technologies and features which will increase its utility. Things like an automatic trailer steering system or a 360-degree camera system are both expected to be viewed on the production model.

2019 Ford Ranger Aluminum Specs AWD

2019 Ford Ranger Engine Specs

There’s no question about the fact that the US market prefers petrol engines. However, this trend began to shift in the recent years so the 2019 Ford Ranger will more than likely come with engines to satisfy both parties. The base truck might use a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 petrol engine that could develop up to 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. If this will happen then we’re sure that its price increases quite a bit over what was rumored.

A naturally aspirated 2.5-liter unit might be used after all. Further up the range, a twin-turbo V6 is a real possibility as well. The engine most are looking for though is the 3.2 liters in-line 5 diesel. This is not going to be discontinued but it will be upgraded. So far it seems it may be tweaked to deliver around 200 horsepower and over 350 lb-ft of torque. Like the larger F-150, the Ranger will also receive the 10-speed automatic but only as an option.

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