2018 Regular Cab Silverado 4X4 Redesign, Price, 1500 Trims

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 - Chevrolet

2018 Regular Cab Silverado 4X4 Redesign, Price, 1500 Trims – General Motors is known for working very hard and bringing out new versions of their popular trucks. One of the titles being considered is that the redesigned Chevy Regular Cab Silverado 1500. If rumors are thought to be true then the completely redesigned and all-new 2018 Chevy Regular Cab Silverado 1500 might be viewed anytime soon.

American truck market is a very competitive one. Especially, if moderate sized to full sized trucks have been believed, Americans might have quite fewer choices but the choices are filled with potential and deciding upon any one is very difficult. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, choices are offered in the top three American manufacturers. Locking horns for this 2018 Chevy Regular Cab Silverado 1500, we could expect to find some Ford F-150s and some Dodge Rams which are equally good and can prove to be extremely competitive. Expect a close fight between these three and once the latest versions of all three come out, a winner could be determined.

General Motors really have some fantastic competition. This 5.3L V8 can push out as much as 355 HP along with 383 lb. ft. of torque.

2018 Regular Cab Silverado Interior and Exterior Redesign

Expect to find some genuine high tech stuff here inside the cabin. Things are ripped right from the future. First off, expect a lot of USB ports which would come in handy nowadays. This new 2018 Chevy Regular Cab Silverado 1500 also boasts of a 4G LTE powered Wi-Fi connection from none other than OnStar 4G running inside its cabin. The center console is large and the large dials have been aesthetically carved out to give a pleasing demeanor to its looks.

2018 Regular Cab Silverado 4X4 Accessories

Seats are made even more luxurious. It is possible to quite assuredly expect premium upholstery like top notch leather on it. Ride quality is quite refined and is as per customer reviews and demands.

As the 2018 Chevrolet Regular Cab Silverado 1500 is still under speculation nothing much can be predicted regarding its body styling and exterior design. However, features like LED lighting facility and chrome linings on mirrors and door handles to be present. The truck will no doubt show off its stylish curves, and body colored bumpers can be expected.

2018 Regular Cab Silverado Price and Trims

Have a look at estimations regarding pricing facets of this expected 2018 Chevy Regular Cab Silverado 1500 first. Since General Motors are looking forward to keeping this truck in its usual competitive attire, pricing can be expected to be usual. Experts are predicting its price tag to stay at exactly the exact same level as is 2018 Chevy Regular Cab Silverado 150s. This said the exact figures can be expected to hover somewhere around $30000 for this expected 2018 Regular Cab Silverado 1500. This figure isn’t a doubt competitive but fears not, the presence of new updates and latest features can be assuredly present.

However, if to bring a few more features to the cart, like chrome plated large 20-inch wheels along with AWD, in addition to automatic heating and cooling seats and safety controls, then figures somewhere near about $50000 can be expected. This price too, is extremely competitive, considering the standard of features being provided.

2018 Regular Cab Silverado 4X4 Redesign, Price, 1500 Trims Pictures

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