2018 GMC Safari Van Review, Specs, Dimension, Price

Thursday, July 27th, 2017 - GMC

The 2018 GMC Safari was once the finest full-size cross over in the US market yet there isn’t any longer the case now. While it offers plenty for that price, cars like the upcoming Expedition and also the new Armada was able to beat it at its own game. GMC revised the Safari to get 2017 and it appears that a brand new model might be on its way.

We do understand that GM is preparing to release a brand new pair of trucks that are full-size quite soon as a way to contend with Fors brand new F-150 or the upcoming new RAM. This brand new group of trucks should include brand new engines, likely fresh running gear, and a brand-new design. It is safe to presume that the majority of the upgrades can also be going to be observed on the upcoming 2018 GMC Safari at some point or another.

Could it be needed?

The Safari remains great, however, it uses way too much fuel and it is quite costly for what it includes in the higher end trim levels. The 2018 model should solve the majority of these problems while also adding a couple of new things into the mixture. The new car is expected to receive significantly superior NVH ratings. These should be achieved with the aid of a slightly more compliant suspension system that may even control the roll of the auto slightly greater. The Safari could also work with a better pair of brakes as well as a general lighter body.

2018 GMC Safari Van Reliability

2018 GMC Safari Release Date and Price

The current model within the Denali trim will weigh north of 6,000 pounds which are significantly more than some one of its direct rivals. The case release date is still not known.


The 2018 GMC Safari can also be predicted to depart from the recent Tahoe or Suburban. While it does have an exceptional front end, from the straight back and profile it is identical to its Chevrolet counterparts. The 2018 model is expected to take a slightly different route which should close the gap between the Tahoe and the Escalade in terms of look and flair. In the leading, we’ll probably see influences from GM’s latest cars with more rounded corners and a much more imposing grille than before. From the profile, the new Safari might surprise us with a more muscular appearance and less straight lines than before.

2018 GMC Safari Interior

The current model provides loads of kits here, but the style is nothing to write home about. It is basically exactly the exact same as all of those other cars or trucks based on this platform. The 2018 GMC Safari will probably follow a very similar route, so anticipate the exact infotainment system, climate controls, seats, instrument cluster and controls also located on the newest GM trucks. Nevertheless, the center console is anticipated to be redesigned with even more modular features while the infotainment system might also receive a significantly larger screen than on its sibling, the Tahoe.

2018 GMC Safari Engine Specs, Horsepower

Both have the ability to reunite around 16 to 17 MPG typically which is good but not fantastic. Ford already proved they could make a small and relatively successful engine with the new generation Eco Boost. Rumors say that the GMC Safari 2018 could be among Gs first cars to be given a brand new engine designed especially for high-quality applications. This is anticipated to be always a 3.6-liter twin turbo v 6 which is reportedly capable of more than 400 horsepower and 440 lb-ft of torque.

We could also find a more compact twin turbo v 6 replacing the 5.3 liter V8, particularly since emissions standards are becoming tougher to meet with each passing year. The old six-speed automatic on the 5.3 V8 or the eight-speed unit on the 6.2 v 8 is probably going to be discontinued. The two will most likely go to be replaced by Gs new Ten Speed automatic that may provide far better-towing capabilities as well as better fuel consumption.

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